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Handmade Hippo is a home grown business that started in the corner of our family kitchen. I make sustainable patterned textile gifts that are bespoke and inspired by my own experience of parenting from our home in Northumberland. That’s why parents and their little ones love my products, because they are made to last and be loved for years to come.

When you shop bespoke sustainable children’s products by Handmade Hippo, you are not just supporting a business, but also a family and the prospect of a greener future for all of our children.

Homegrown and handmade since the very beginning

I started Handmade Hippo in 2016, making super absorbent patterned dribble bibs. As a full time stay-at-home parent with a very dribbly baby, I was frustrated I couldn’t find products that worked for our family. I took it upon myself to make something beautiful and functional for my own baby, from there my enthusiasm for making eco-friendly bespoke children’s products started to snowball.

In 2019, following some time off after the birth of our second baby, I made plans to turn my Handmade Hippo dream into a long term business. I hoped that this little business baby would allow me to support my family whilst still being there for the pick ups, drop offs, and all the precious moments in between.

Since then Handmade Hippo has grown organically into a children’s gifting business that is sustainable and one of a kind. When you invest in a handmade product from me, you’re not only supporting an individual dream but ensuring that something you’ve bought is made ethically and won’t be found on the high street. My products are bespoke, unique and made with love, but most importantly they are kind to the planet.

Handmade Hippo owner working with daughter

Sustainable, authentic and inspired by family life

Mainstream children’s clothing and toy brands found on the high street are worryingly unsustainable. You can rest easy knowing that I take every available opportunity to reduce my business’ impact on the environment and offset carbon emissions. Read more about Handmade Hippo’s eco-friendly ethos.

All my products are born from my own experience of parenthood. The Handmade Hippo product range has grown alongside my own children who are my biggest source of inspiration and chief product testers! My business has evolved along with their needs and addressing the challenges of parenthood has shaped the way I design my bespoke eco-friendly children’s products. This journey has given me the opportunity to connect with so many like minded parents and the community we have created together is something I am truly grateful for.

If you’d like to get involved with a supportive community of like minded parents, follow us on socials.

Made for real parents, by a real parent

I use my experience as a parent of two busy children to create products that nurture kids’ independence and creativity. I have a real passion for making products that will ease some of the stress on your journey through parenthood, so you can focus on making memories and enjoying the key moments.

Handmade Hippo products are designed and made by me. By combining my love of patterned fabrics and my determination to help protect the environment, I create products that are as individual and unique as your little one. When you shop with Handmade Hippo you are being kind to the planet as well as supporting your kids’ individuality.

You can always get in touch with me if you have any questions at all about Handmade Hippo. I will always respond to messages as soon as I can but please be patient if you don’t have a reply immediately.

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