Sustainability is hugely important to Handmade Hippo. Every one of us has a responsibility to do our bit so every effort has been made to ensure this business is as green and as eco-friendly as possible.

It starts at home where my family and I set out to to stop relying on single-use plastic in our everyday lives. It isn’t always easy but we have managed to find reusable alternatives for a lot of our essentials. We also switched to an energy provider that deals solely in renewables.

This approach has informed every aspect of product development at Handmade Hippo. My packaging for teething necklaces and tea towels don’t require glue to seal them, reusable bamboo wipes are made with printed fabrics offcuts from other products that would otherwise go to waste, where possible the vinyl used for personalised products such as Handmade Hippo banners is an eco friendly heat transfer vinyl. All my packaging was designed with sustainability in mind which is why it is entirely plastic free and made from recycled materials wherever possible. And of course, if you order a custom memory blanket from Handmade Hippo, those old clothes get a beautiful new life instead of being sent to landfill. 

Individual action is so important but I wanted to look at the bigger picture too. To help with carbon offsetting, I signed up with Ecologi to give a little bit every month to plant trees around the world. There’s also an option to plant a tree through Ecologi when you shop at the Handmade Hippo website.

When you buy a Handmade Hippo product, not only are you supporting a small and very personal business but also one with a conscience. You can feel good about shopping here, knowing that every effort has been made to reduce the impact my business has on the environment. Making beautiful, handmade crafts for your family and home is the goal but sustainability influences every step of the Handmade Hippo journey.